Electrical Power worX

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Solutions

Electrical Power worX Corp (EPX) specializes in the development and manufacture of Energy Storage Systems for use in applications ranging from personal transportation to mass transit to utility scale renewable energy. Energy storage is a key element that enables energy conservation in power distribution networks where energy production and energy consumption may occur at different times or at different rates.
At Electrical Power worX, we are not a manufacturer of the energy storage element, but rather the designer and manufacturer of the Energy Storage System. This allows us the freedom to select the best technology for the specific application.
The Ragone plot (right) shows the application space of various storage element technologies relative to their energy density and power density. From this, it can be seen that no single energy storage element will provide the best solution for every application.

It is important to match the fundamental technology to the specific application. At Electrical Power worX, we focus on the application to find the best solution to ensure optimal energy management and maximum energy conservation. In many cases, a hybrid system involving multiple storage technologies will provide the best solution.

In addition to energy conservation, proper energy management can reduce the load placed on the power delivery network to allow the overall system to be optimally sized. For example, an ultracapacitor bank may be interfaced with a fuel cell or conventional battery to manage high power pulses while the fuel cell or battery delivers the long term energy delivery needs.
Electrical Power worX Corp is committed to driving the core technologies that enable environmentally friendly power generation, energy efficiency, and clean transportation.